Confidential Close Call Reporting System

C3RS — Identifying Safety Risks in Railroad Operations

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About C3RS

This is a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)-sponsored voluntary confidential program allowing railroad carriers and their employees to report close calls. The program provides a safe environment for employees to report unsafe events and conditions. Employees receive protection from discipline and FRA enforcement. Railroads also receive protection from FRA enforcement for events reported within C3RS. The original demonstration project ends in 2014. The FRA is currently accepting new sites. Find out more.

Who is involved in C3RS?

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), railroad carriers, and carrier employees, labor organizations, and peer review teams.


C3RS is accepting close call reports only from Union Pacific (UP) Railroad North Platte Service Unit,
New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, and Strasburg Rail Road.

C3RS in the News

September 2014

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May 2014

Strasburg Rail Road joins C3RS

April 2014

Confidential Close Call Reporting System Reaches Milestone
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December 2013

How Confidential Reporting Systems Work
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Feds order MTA to create employee reporting system, improve safety
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September 2013

Confidential Close Call Reporting system expanding at Amtrak
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March 2013

Lessons learned from C3RS presented at Fourth International Rail Human Factors conference
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February 2013

FRA's Szabo: Safety gains keep on coming.
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